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Hi I am Kim, and this is Cosmic Snail Tarot! I am based in Canberra, Australia where I work as an artist and art conservator alongside my tarot reading and guidance service. I am an avid knitter and journaller, and sing part-time in a local band. I am also a member of TABI (Tarot Association of the British Isles).

I have been reading tarot for more than ten years in an intuitive, rather than psychic or predictive way. Tarot is an excellent tool for self development, reflection and unlocking creativity. I provide all my clients with guidance and encouragement to seek out their own answers, and rely on their inner wisdom, to ponder on the messages and possibilities presented in the cards.

If you are interested in reclaiming your sense of agency and empowerment, reactivating your creativity, and engaging with the messages in the tarot to help you begin a journey of self-healing or development, then I am here to help. I best serve clients who are not looking for quick-fix answers from the cards. I believe we all have free will and agency, and our destiny is not fixed in stone. The tarot cards offer alternative options for paths we can take, but which way you walk after the tarot reading is your choice.

What you can expect from my readings: I aim to create an interactive and conversational experience, where we use the cards to kickstart a discussion about how you can move forward on your career, projects, personal growth or creativity. Whether your question is small or big, in this coaching style of tarot reading you can expect to receive journalling activities or creative prompts to get started today on realising your goals and dreams. In longer readings we can work on a more comprehensive action plan using the tarot reading as a starting point.

What you won't receive in my readings: I do not use the tarot for fortune telling or prediction. Instead, I encourage you to take action on the reading and to create your own meanings around the tarot cards to turn your hopes into reality. As I am a creative person myself, with many years of experience teaching, making and conserving art, I am also interested in using the tarot for working with artists, musicians, writers or other creatives who may be blocked and need to reignite their creative passions.

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I am a current member of TABI:

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